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Homeowner, Auto Insurance & Personal Risk Management

Serving northeast Florida, including Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine, for more than 30 years. We understand the unique demands on personal, auto, and home insurance in Florida. Our experienced team of licensed insurance agents will take the time to create a personal insurance program that fits your needs. Uncovering unusual exposures are critical in the development of a personal risk management protection plan.

Personal Risk Management

Coverage after the loss. That is The Browning Agency’s key goal in the development of your personal risk management program. Adequate Personal Umbrella Insurance is essential for the known high-net-worth individuals to protect valuable assets from the unknown legal awards occurring in our court system today.

Personal Umbrella Policies help protect you and your family from settlements or court awards at levels higher than the liability limits insured by traditional policies. In the unlikely event of an accident or a personal lawsuit, an effective Umbrella Policy can potentially cover any liability gaps and minimize your personal losses.

What Can Be Covered?

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